3/3/2019 board games

slept until i couldnt sleep any more. was so depressed the thought of doing literally anything didnt interest me. had some more weird dreams. whenever i oversleep i have odd dreams, so thats basically all ive been writing in these first couple entries, hah. all these blogs have been depressing so far but i want to (and will) write about happier things in the future. im just in the depression pit right now.

i had a stressful dream about my mom i dont care to recall, but the other one ill write about. i went shopping with my sisters at a second hand store. part of the store was really over priced nice clothes. i dont remember what it was, but there was a pair of shorts with a really dramatic name that i was pointing out and laughing at. the other section of the store was more like a typical goodwill, but worse because it was more disorganized and some things didnt have prices on them. i found a sealed pack of pokemon cards i was going to buy. for some reason i opened it before buying it, i think i was checking the quality or something because i only opened the hard plastic part. anyway it came with one of those oversized cards and it was a snorlax. i thought it was funny because it was ironic to get a big card of a big pokemon. i also found lost parts to a separate game that the employees were looking for because they were about to play it. it was was a pokemon themed board game called "pokemon mmo", although it was probably more like pokemon monopoly. all the employees were nerdy guys for some reason but they seemed real nice and were good friends, and were having a grand ol time together.