3/2/2019 mining

had more weird dreams. i was a a guy working at a dig site. i was across the site, up against the fence, when something near the entrance to the mine exploded. it was a really chaotic and apocalyptic type dream.

i went to an amusement park with a random guy. all the rides were very crowded together, and the way it looked reminded me of a knights game. neon lights and like a 90s aesthetic. there were some people there but not a lot. he kept talking about how people in the past thought we were going to have all these amazing things in the future, but the present didnt really live up to that. he sounded really nostalgic for the park and the stuff it represented. i think he brought me there because he liked it a lot and wanted to show me. we decided to go on a merry-go-round because i commented that i don't really see those as much anymore. some random kid wanted to join us, so i paid for them, but they started crying halfway through the ride. the ride operator stopped it so they could be let off.

also dreamed that my uncle was cast in a movie, so we all watched it together. it was like an action mystery set on a "plane", but the plane looked more like a fancy old fashioned dirigible. someone was sabotaging it while in flight. at the end of the movie it was revealed that the character my uncle played was actually the culprit. it really suprised all of us that he was cast as the villain character, and we were like "why didnt you tell us??".